[FTC]: World Championships Recommendations

So we are a rookie team headed to the world championships.

What recommendations are out there from people who have attended before about how to have the best experience from the 4 day event.


-Have fun
-Sleep (this is a big one)
-Get to know the teams (scouting doesn’t count)
-Cover an article of clothing with buttons
-Check out the locale (ARCH. ZOMG)
-Check out FLL and FRC teams (FLLers give out awesome freebies) and exhibitors

Most of all, don’t get discouraged if you screw up (we screwed up terribly last year). You made it this far, so enjoy and try your hardest at the competition without worrying about the results.

Hey now. You guys didn’t screw up terribly last year. We scored the first divisional high score with you guys as our alliance partner!

One team has recommended having a rolling cart.
Do many teams have these? Collapsable? Models? etc.?
Also do teams ship their robot? Check-on luggage? Carry-on(ha!)


We just made sure that the carrying case for the robot has removable wheels. That’s easier for the airplane.

And we check the robot on the way there, then ship it home on the way back (being sure to arrive an extra day early – in case of airline baggage screwups).

I’m talking about the two matches we lost because we didn’t address design issues earlier in the season (jamming shooter, losing yellow ball out the top of the robot). That match we had with you guys was sublime.

One team has recommended having a rolling cart.

We have a homemade one. It is beastly.

Also do teams ship their robot? Check-on luggage? Carry-on(ha!)

We live in NJ, but we’re driving ours down in a trailer, just because:
-we usually like to be over-prepared with the parts
-we don’t want to risk our robot being held back or dismantled by security
-we figured out it may even be a whole lot cheaper than flying it
The main thing is it’s less of a risk to drive it (if the car doesn’t spaz out) if we’re willing to make the sacrifice. Which we are. We don’t want any harm to come to our baby.

Anyway, I feel like I remember hearing about some kind of information about dealing with airlines. Maybe you get it with registration or something.

Ok, just a quick announcement here. 5 tornadoes hit the St.Louis airport last night and it will probably be closed for the Championship. Therefore, I suggest that all of you find another means of transportation quickly before coach buses or trains are booked.

PS- Worlds is in three days!

A lot of teams do choose to fly, if so it may be a good idea to bring a copy of this http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FTC/Events/RobotLetter.pdf

As a frequent volunteer, i recommend that this short time between now St. Louis is a great time to go through the inspection checklist for both hardware and software, it can save hours of panicking on Wednesday for a few minutes today.

While this is a competition, don’t be afraid to ask for your neighbor for help or a tool you may not have (or cannot find, i have done this one many times).

During some downtime its a great chance to check out some of the other areas like FRC, the other division of FTC, FLL, and the vendors, for Jr’s and Sr’s its a good idea to check out Scholarship Row (your parents will thank you).


Hmmmm. I don’t remember taking one last year (except for after a dip in the hotel pool). That’s what deodorant is for, right? :yikes: jk

VERY IMPORTANT. What we did is look up which terminal our airline uses. Concourse C was heavily damaged and will not be opened for a couple of days, according to the website. The terminal primarily uses American Airlines and Airtran. They said they will move some arrivals to the open gates on the other concourses. Keep checking!

Also, make sure to eat properly and stay hydrated. It seems simple, but when things get hectic (and at some point, they will) it can be pretty easy to forget. I say this because I learned the hard way. :yikes:

Other than that, remember to have lots of fun! No matter how your robot does, championships is always a blast.

Lots of “extras” going on - RoboProm, Chief Delphi Group Hug, FIRST Robotics Conferences, ASIMO Humanoid Robot Demos, Aerial Robotics College program demo, Scholarship Row, Supplier Showcase, FIRST Supplier & Alliance Exhibits, FRC Team Hall of Fame, NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) Annual Meeting, FRC Dean’s List presentation, 2011 FRC Team Rookie Meet and Greet, Saturday night’s Food & Friends @ FIRST Cafe. To name a few! :smiley:

Ah but you mustn’t forget the Friday Night performance from the Black Eyed Peas. :cool:

Not confirmed. At least not officially.

What is this trickery.

It has not been confirmed officially because Dean Kamen doesn’t want fans from all over going just to see them. But, there is a 95% chance they will DEF be there. I met him personally at the Franklin Institute and he told me that Morgan Freeman and the BEP will be our forms of entertainment. :yikes:

Morgan Freeman?!!! I’m psyched.

I don’t know, I personally think they should get a good rock band (with lots of pyro :P) but thats just me :slight_smile: