FTC World Championships

This is going to be a great championship this year!!!
I am wondering which teams qualified for atlanta through this weird selection this year

Team 188 will be sending a team down for the first time this year! :smiley:

On a side note, when will we know which division (Edison or Franklin) we’ll be competing in?

Good Job going down to Atlanta this year. Congrats on defeating us in Ontario, you guys have a great team and an amazing robots.

I think the announcement of the division will properly be announced after the last weekend of the FRC competitions which is after the New York Regional

Whoever goes to the FTC Championship good luck and see ya’ll down in Atlanta

Wow I honestly did not expect blizzard to go for FTC, but your bot definitely will do very well. It is one of the most consistantly good bots I’ve seen in FTC this year.

On a side note, it seems Canada will have a large number of teams representing it this year.

Canadians teams going:

189 Blizzard
339 Simbotics
478 Mustang Robotics
(maybe) 225
721 TBA
722 Vexagon
one other vancouver team I believe

Who wants to bet at least one Canadian team takes the world championship. :smiley:

Yes, there will be two Vancouver teams from Gladstone Secondary making the trip. They took both the BC Regional, then partnered up with another Vancouver (ok… Burnaby) team to take the Washington State regional. A fourth Vancouver team was a regional finalist in Seattle, too… there was lots of hardware to declare at the border on the bus back from that trip.


Nice all over canada their are teams going and i predict that it’s going to be a great championship because of all the teams that have the same idea and their robots are almost the same

I’m really, really hoping that you all make it for the May 10 Washington RoboFest. Nothing would make our teams happier than another shot at the teams from BC. Come on down! I’ll even buy the pizza. :]

121 is sending down 655.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing all the teams on Edison and Franklin in just a few short weeks! Our volunteers are placed and ready to go - it’s going to be an amazing experience for everyone!

Beach Cities Robotics is FTC 23
Our bot went undefeated in San Diego. We’re looking forward to our first FTC World Championship.

Exploding Bacon FTC 8 will be competing in Atlanta

Congrats to all winning teams in each FTC Championship this year

Team Overdrive #74 will be attending.

So far we have done the following

Team Overdrive 74 - FTC 2007/2008:

Winners of Ohio FTC Championship and Inspire Award (First Place Alliance Captain)

Winners of Diamond State FTC Competition and Inspire Award (First Place Alliance)

Winners of New Jersey FTC Competition and Think Award (First Place Alliance Captain)

Congrats on your 3 victories and you inspire award. Be great meeting you guys in Atlanta

Team overdrive 74 is the Chief Delphi 1998 + 2 chairmans(equivalent of inspire award) of FTC.

I personally think FIRST favours team overdrive, hence naming this year’s game after them :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just wondering how this two divisions work? or is it one division two fields?

I can tell you after NYC FTC event because they are running the four field and two divisions setup there.

I’m expecting there will be 4 fields this year. 2 fields per division. Last year with one division we had 2 fields so 2 divisions = 4 fields?

We will be running two divisions - Edison and Franklin - each with two fields, for a total of four fields. While one field in each division is being played on the other is being reset and the teams queued up. Thereby lessening “downtime” in between matches, so we can get more matches in!