FTC ZTE and Rev Expansion Hub For Sale

We had a large FTC program and last year decided to do something a little different and in-house. We used modern robotics and REV last year for the new program. This year we are switching over to Raspberry PI that integrates with a custom motor controller/servo board we developed. The new program we developed ends in December so that teams can reset over the break and get ready for FRC. The overlap between FTC and FRC was too much.

Didn’t make sense to put all the REV hardware and phones in a box so wanted to get it out there for other FTC teams who want to keep last years robot working, need an expansion hub, spare ZTE phones or help start a new team. We put everything on eBay for buyer/seller protection. Phones have been factory reset and the ZTE hardware should work. The extra cables/accessories will be close match to what is in the picture with varying length etc. We have 14 of these bundles to sell plus lots of extra ZTE phones.

This makes me happy and speaks volumes about the FTC hardware.

I have gripes about FTC, but the Rev Robotics hub isn’t one of them.

Rev products seem to be top notch. The hub was a huge step up for our FTC teams.

I can’t find any for sale. Looks like 1 went, but not the others.

I’m interested in 4 sets.

Interested in a set if you have any still