Finally got our “mule bot” test robot over the climbing hump yesterday. Using 150mm x 50mm thick , 8 pointed, 3D printed star objects pulling over the churros and a set of 5" Vex wheels doing “the push”. We dipped each tip of the star in Plastic Dip (for tool handles) for some grip and strengthening the tips under stress. Seems to work. I did see some scuffing on the dark blue ramp. We’ll look at why later tomorrow. May need to switch anti-slip stuff. We printed some larger 8" stars to see if they will negotiate the gaps in the churros. May not be pretty; it’s loud, clunky, and fun, but it works for now.Time to refine the design, add the AndyMark 60s on all four corners and finish out the 15mm extrusion chassis!!!