Does anybody know if we’re suposed to buy the new kits or the old vex kits?

please specify…
are you asking about the new “Vexplorer”?
If you are… Just know that the Vexplorer controller is not programmable, so it wouldn’t suit FTC play at all. Game release is slated for tomorrow. Find out the details then.

Don’t buy the VEXplorer, unless you are going to use it for fun. Most of the parts will probably not be FTC legal. Also FIRST should be offering the VEX starter kits at a reduced price to FTC teams.

When are these kits going to be available?

Which kits? :slight_smile: A limited amount of the Vex Robotics Design System standard kits will be available from FIRST at a discounted price to FTC teams when they register and pay their team registration fee (see the FAQs).

I got this from Darlene Pantaleo from Virginia FIRST

“Once you have paid, the option to purchase up to 2 kits per team at $209.95 will appear. The system will consider you paid immediately whether you put in a credit card # or a PO #. You cannot purchase the kits until your registration is paid.”

So from what i’ve been told you get the option from TIMS.

And i think you get the “Starter Kit” linked below.

Now if someone could tell me WHEN the game is coming out on Wednesday.

I think I heard it was at 12:00 pm but I don’t know for sure. I just hope its before 3:40 cause we are planning a release at our school.

12:00 pm is correct. The game will be released at the same time as last year.

It has been Released! Quad Quandary!

now i really want a video of how the game is played.:smiley:


Another great job on the animation - thank you FRC Team 342 and also thanks to the game design committee for Quad Quandary!

I like how none of the field elements are stationary this year, looks like it will make a fun game!

AND they are not balls. i wish i could help out a team with this game. :wink:

The thing i dont understand is why there aren’t any points for hanging on the bar. That would be cool to see a bot hanging while its partner is pushing them into their scoring quadrant…

You could help our team. An out of state mentor would be great!

that would ensure a good strategy too…if you put the paired ones across court in your 2 zones …and then hung on the bar…it would be harder for your opponent to move it into their zone.

I might be taken locally. sorry, maybe next years draft will go your way… :stuck_out_tongue:

is that directed towards me?