ftp to crio

I thought I had saved instructions, how to FTP to the crio, but i can’t find them. Can anyone give me some help in looking at the files in the crio?

wendy holladay

Go the windows start menu and then click on “run”. Or press the windows key and “R” at the same time.

Type CMD and press enter.

Type FTP 10.XX.XX.2 where XX.XX is your team number and press enter.

There is no default log in and password. Press enter twice.

You’re now browsing in the cRio.

If you need to use a windows-gui interface ftp client, simply set it up to ftp to the above address with anonymous login and password.

To expand:

use the put command to post a file : put file.txt
use the get command to retrieve a file:
use cd to change directory
use dir to list the directory
use ! infront of a command to have it run on your machine (!dir lists your machines files)

Most of the stuff you will be looking for or using is in /ni-rt/

got it working