Not sure where to actually post this
I am trying to FTP compiled code from an 2009 FRC robot back to the a
can anyone help?
thanks John

I’ve heard that FileZilla can work. To set it up you need to type in the robot’s IP address and the user name and password are both “FRC”. More instructions are here.

Also, what language are you using? Because I know C++ compiles the program to a .out file before downloading to the cRIO.

You can use MAX, right-click on the cRio under ‘Remote Devices’, select ‘File Transfer’ and use the built-in FTP program. However, the files cannot be opened with LabVIEW. In can be used to save the previous build when you over-write it with a subsequent build.

Jon 236 what is MAX i am a relative newby
thanks Much

and skier
I believe it is C++ but it is established via labview 8.51


MAX = Measurement and Automation Explorer

It is installed with FRC LabVIEW. It is an excellent tool for directly accessing the various NI products, such as DAQ devices or the cRio.

ok thanks
i am trying to get ahold of the labview FRC from last year as I did not
compete last year.
thanks John

Hello Jon236

I got into MAX thanks, but when i wne to locate the cRio it wasnot
in the devices to high light, i tried to add new but no.
sorry but I am a newby
any help is greatly appreciated
thanks John