Fuel and Defense

Is there any way to legally use the fuel as a defensive tool besides just dumping all the hoppers. Or would these fall under violation of rule G21?

N O P E - G 2 1

I think you can also release fuel through your own loading stations to clutter up your opponents’ launchpad. Remember, humans are exempt from G21. I’ve seen alliances dump all their fuel and gears onto the field when the match is about 30-45 seconds from being over, to interfere with opponents trying to place those last few gears and/or climb.

You should be able to release it through the loading station as G21 states
“ROBOTS may not deliberately use GAME PIECES, e.g. GEARS, in an attempt to ease or amplify the challenge associated with other FIELD elements, e.g. BOILERS, HOPPERS, or ROPES.”
So long as it complies with H08 which states “ALLIANCES may only deliberately cause
A. during TELEOP,
C. through a LOADING STATION slot.”

Q&A question 628 has the same intention but with gears.
Not sure if this is applicable to fuel though.

I see no problem in releasing the balls from the hoppers. It’s part of game play. As long as you aren’t actively trying to put balls into a loading station you are fine. If they happen to cause problems to robots because they are on the field, that has more to say about that robot’s design and than breaking any kind of rule.



Q558 Launching fuel into an opponents robot.[INDENT]Is there any rule against launching fuel into an opponents robot from our own launchpad?AnswerThere are no rules explicitly prohibiting legally LAUNCHING FUEL with the intent of getting in it “in” an opponent’s ROBOT, however, depending on your intent, or more importantly, a REFEREES inference of your intent, it could be a violation of C08.[/INDENT]

Seems you could make a case for trying to clog up your opponents robot?

I’m anticipating that any time now, someone from an elite fuel team such as 254 will stop by this thread and say “please try this on us.”

1114 is probably more than happy to let you fire fuel off into them in an attempt to “clog up their robot.”

As a floor pickup bot, I think we could hang two gears in 30 seconds if you tossed them out that way…

So you better make sure you just did not hand us the 4th rotor if you are employing this strategy.