Fuel, Bronze Bushings, Shale, etc

I recently posted where I compared 2017 fuel, bronze bushings, and shale as all feeling like they were slowly oozing oil. What have you handled that felt this way?

  • 2017 fuel
  • bronze bushings
  • shale
  • teflon or similar lubricating plastics
  • skin or other living stuff (yourself or another creature)
  • coroplast, or a similar plastic
  • food items
  • others [please post!]

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High quality pork rinds.

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To be fair, bronze bushings DO ooze oil. That’s the whole point.


Krispy Kreme Donuts!

The axle from any rear wheel drive car or truck from the 70’s or earlier.

2 stroke lawnmower or chainsaw engines more than a year old.

Most foods eaten during build season.


The 2017 fuel is made from polyethylene (PE), which in general (and even more so for LDPE) is a pretty soft and gummy thermoplastic. These properties make it both well suited for the functionality of whiffle balls, as well as largely eliminating the possibility of it causing skidmarks on gym floors or walls if used indoors.

More technical reading if anyone is interested:




bowling balls

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Goes to backyard to find a test subject

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A lot of softer and gummier thermoplastics have this slippery, oily texture.

You can feel it on cheap PVC plastics, though it is gross and bad rather than cool and neat.

Delrin and UHMW produce a much more subtle version of this feeling I think.


My 1974 Chevy Vega. Add a quart of oil with every gas fill up.
Man I miss that car.
It rusted so bad that when you drove through a puddle, your feet got wet…


And soap come to think of it

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You’d have thought that all that oil coating the underbody would have kept it from rusting…

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