Fuel manipulation outside robot frame without forced air

The question is simple, say you have a open hopper, and the fuel overflows your height limit. When you move you are technically controlling and manipulating fuel outside of your robot, but not using forced air. Does this violate G28 or an obvious rule that I’m not seeing?

Please check the FRC Q&A, and if no one has asked this you can ask it.


I checked that it has not been asked on the QA, I will ask it, just wanted to see what other thought first, will submit Q & A post soon.

Q68 addressed this from the standpoint that game pieces are not part of the robot volume (https://frc-qa.firstinspires.org/qa/68). However, you probably should ask for clarification based on the subject of “controlling” game pieces as that appears to be an important distinction.


If you couldn’t manipulate fuel outside your robot, how could you intake a ball that hasn’t totally rolled into your robot volume already?

I wouldn’t read into the rule more than is already there. It restricts the ways you can use forced air to move fuel, not how you move fuel in general.