Fuel required to spin rotors?

I had this question because it stands to reason that in order to use the rotors steam power would have to be built up first. That’s just the way a real one would work. (You need steam pressure to run steam powered rotors) However for the sake of the game it would seem that the two are completely independent of each other. I have scoured the rules and can’t seem to find anything that says that for example you need 10 kPa to power rotor 1, 20 kPa to power rotor 2, etc. I am asking because it is something that when viewed from a real world perspective is confusing.:confused:

I am 99% certain that the two gameplay elements are independent (part of my reasoning for this being that two rotors could theoretically be scored in auto and requiring that fuel be scored first would make scoring those rotors incredibly difficult in the time constraint) but I wanted to ask because this question is now bothering me and I figured someone on CD might notice something I hadn’t.

I wanted to ask FIRST the question but the Q&A doesn’t open until Jan. 11th and I can’t ask them over Twitter because I don’t have an account. If anyone with a Twitter account would be willing to ask this question for me and inform me/everyone of the answer that would be great!:smiley:

It appears that the two actions are completely independent of each other.

My explanation is that the airship generates lift by either inflating an imaginary envelope with steam, or acting as a human powered helicopter.

The three rotors on the side are hand-cranked. However, I can’t find whether the middle one has to have fuel and the gear to activate or not.

thematically, it would make sense, but there is no fuel requirement for the airship.

also, twitter would not get you an answer. it is not an official source of information (Chief delphi isn’t either!)

It needs the gear, yes. And it needs it first, before the others will activate.

Fuel? Not listed as required. After all, its inspiration was man-powered…