full autonomous

I think we need to have a year were we have all autonomous and it should be lik an autonomous battle ship game were you track the opponents team color light and you have to tag them a certain amount of times each.but I think we would need more memory.so does anyone know if any one in charge of frc will see this?:smiley:

Try the Game Design forum and the current game design threads. At least one of the GDC is on these forums, but don’t trust his “hints”. (They are misleading at best and crazy at worst.)

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hope it’s a long time before FIRST tries that particular game design.

I’ve been part of, and am currently involved with a couple of fully-autonomous robot projects, and it is evident that playing a game of the calibre to which we’ve become accustomed with fully-autonomous robots is no easy task. I would suspect that a majority of teams will be utterly unable to field properly working robots. How many teams have never pulled off a significant autonomous mode (beyond hardcoded paths and target tracking with the kit code)? I think it would be seriously detrimental to retaining teams for the following year, and by extension, detrimental to the objective of inspiring students.

But don’t take this as an admonition not to discuss the subject—on the contrary, that’s why the Game Design forum exists.