Full control System and National Instrunents for Rookies

We are working team that want to build a kit bot and program it start driving it around before the season starts. We have not paid our registration fee yet so we do not have a code for National instruments. Is there any way of getting access to this earlier so we can start training?

You’ll get all your control system parts in the rookie kit of parts, which is handed out at kickoff. As far as I know, there is no way to get it early.

That being said, it’s usually a good idea for teams to buy a spare control system that way they have a spare to replace parts if they break. It also allows you to build an electronics testing board before the robot is ready to go so you can test your code. You can buy this spare control system now and use it for your practice chassis.

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There is unfortunately no formal way to receive the control systems components early for Rookie or Veteran teams alike. That being said, going through the docs on the WPILib website to familiarize yourself with the documentation for those components and setup procedures will likely greatly help you and your team in-season. Additionally, all of the software necessary to develop robot programs can be downloaded by anyone at any time (sans Driver Station) from the releases page of the WPILib Suite page on GitHub. Hope this helps!

Where are you located?

I have seen pre-rookie teams at off-season events during the summer and fall months. Usually, they seem to be working with an established team and are using one of their practice chassis.

Thank you for the response. I figured that was the case but wasn’t sure if there was a workaround.

I think pre-rookies often use a LabVIEW Serial number from a team in their area. Even without the serial number you can download and use LabVIEW for 30 days (although I’m not sure you will be able to deploy code to the robot).

That link is not for LabVIEW teams. You can find download and other information on http://ni.com/frc.
Further information on programming in any of the 3 languages and the control system can be found on https://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/

Thank you I was able to get everything installed without activating for now. We don’t have a practice robot yet so we are fine to just have the programming environment.

I f you have a location for us there maybe teams willing to loan you some equipment. I know we have done it before…