Full Court Shooter!!! (Team 3528 UpNext)

Here is my teams final shooter for the 2013 season. We are shooting accurately from 60ft away.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/user/teamupnext?feature=mhee

Your shooter is amazing, congratulations. How did you do to deal with de vibration and the recoil force?


My team is trying to make our shooter almost exactly the same as yours, including the way you stack frisbees and send them to your shooter. However, we are having problems with getting full court shots that are consistent. Our accuracy and consistency varies quite a bit.

Do you have any tips for making our shooter accurate and consistent? Any tips for the frisbee hopper system as well?

Great job by the way!

Looks like stock again just went up on 84 inch robots

I guess we’re gonna put some tread along the arc of our shooter…we are doing ok, but not good enough to make full court.

thanks for the video, it’s inspiring

What kind of wheel are you using? And what diameter is it?

We are using a 12inch pneumatic wheel. We use 12inches because the frisbee contacts the wheel for a longer period of time. Also, compression is a big part of it. The wheel on ours is fairly flat. It doesn’t have much air in it. Therefore, the tire cups the frisbee. We have found the happy medium when compressing the frisbee. If you have to much compression the frisbee will just spit out and not go to far because there is to much friction. If you don’t have enough compression, the frisbee won’t get that far.

Consistency is hard for sure. We made sure our platform on the curve was slick so the frisbees could slide easily. Also, our curved angle had to be touching the frisbee the same amount of time all the way around the wheel.

The hopper we are still working on. When the bottom frisbee is sitting there waiting to be shot, it is getting sucked in by the wind of the wheel. And when it does that, our frisbee’s cup. Also, the whole platform is vibrating, so the frisbee’s move a lot. To fix that, we are going to use a pneumatic piston that is vertical and extends on one side of the frisbee, when doing that, it keeps the frisbee in place. When we are ready to shoot, we will pull that piston down and then fire. It then repeats the process.

I hope that helps.


Yes we do have vibration problems. It actually effects our hopper when the frisbees are stored. That is the only problem as of now.

But overall, the vibration isn’t to big of a concern. Everything seems to work well.

Is your strategy to shoot full field in every match or is it just something you wanted to be able to do?

We are planning to shoot full field as much as possible. If for some reason we can’t, then we will just shoot at the pyramid.

So, effectively, you plan on taking, at maximum, about 6 shots? (Assuming your alliance wants to give you all six colored discs?

I think he means from the pyramid at the high or mid goal still

Oh no no. Sorry I said that wrong. We are not going to shoot at the pyramid itself, we are just going to shoot there so we are in the safe zone. We will be aiming for the 3rd scoring goal.

You may have a shot from one of the corners to the side of the top goal. alternatively, you might be able to shoot through the pyramids. With that much velocity, even accurate shots at the pyramid may glance/bounce off. Overall, very nice job!

Ah right then. That would make more sense. What height are you shooting from, and will it be a variable height/angle?

Looks awesome.

I like your building.

In the video, we are shooting from about 3ft. And we are attaching lead screws to the shooter, so we can get any angle.

Looks like this teams gets a cookie.

This video seems to prove that the full-court shooter is a viable (albeit somewhat easily defended) match strategy.

I say somewhat, because if you’re touching that loading station carpet, you’re untouchable, and if you design your shooter right at the top of your 60" envelope, you may be able to get enough rise out of your frisbees to clear an 84" robot just a few inches away.

That is very true! If your robot is not high enough, other robots could defend you at the loading station. Our robot (as of now) is only going to be 28inch tall. So we might have that problem. If so, we will just pick frisbee’s off the ground and score at the 3rd goal.

I saw another strategy mentioned in another thread, and I think you might see some of the powerhouses make use of it in Eliminations at shallow-ish regionals.

Redabot1 is a 60" tall high-accuracy full court shooter intended to shoot from the loading station.
Redabot2 is unknown
Redabot3 is a short, weak box bot as the 24th pick.

Bluabot is an 84" tall blocker bot.

Redabot1 goes to its loading station with Redabot3 glued to its bumper on the shooter exit face.

Bluabot can get no closer to the shooter of Redabot1 than the length of Redabot3’s chassis. This should give enough distance for Redabot1’s DISCs to rise above Bluabot’s 84" block.