Full Court shot

A bit of tweaking yesterday and our shooter was hitting the high goal at full court length. More consistent at shorter ranges, but getting a goal from 57 feet was fun.
Video, of course.

This is after we did some weight balancing on the stock AndyMark pneumatic wheel.

Onward to our anti-gravity climbing device.

Nice video. That looks awesome. I assume you know there might be a pyramid on the field, so that’s why you programmed in that little curve at the end…

Very impressive! Was it a one in a million type shot, or something more repeatable? Either way it looks really cool!

Of course.

It was about a one in five shot. With quite a bit of variance in the trajectory. Once the Frisbee goes past its vertical peak it becomes incredibly sensitive to even tiny variations from horizontal at launch. Well at least ours do.

We spent some more time balancing the wheel today and got it a bit straighter, but we’re more concerned with shorter shots, that one was just too neat not to post.

Those wheels and the hubs have enough play to rattle anything apart. In today’s tests one of the students said “It’s much smoother, the floor isn’t vibrating enough to make my legs numb.”

Hello bfk,

What motor are you using to drive the pneumatic wheel? The results look great!

Answer is found in the Youtube Description:

Hello bfk,

What motor are you using to drive the pneumatic wheel? The results look great!

I fear I’m opening up a can o’ worms here, but does anyone think the long shots, i.e. from more than half court or so, will be affected by air currents/movement much? The shorter shots seem to not rely much on the disc floating. Is there much air movement inside a typical arena?

We had that same problem, which was causing some variance in our shot accuracy. We might’ve had a chance of making some shots like you’re own, but they would’ve been very rare. Very impressed by your work!

Out of curiosity, what gear ratio were you using?

Before I go all “safety mode”, let me just point out that is a very cool shot and I’m pretty impressed. Okay… now its time for the tech inspector in me to express a concern…

I know this is just a prototype, and that you’re probably already planning a safety shield for this shooter, but I think teams should be aware that not only are these wheels not designed to spin at high RPM, but that they store a significant amount of finger-ripping energy when they do.

It is much easier to build safety shields in to your design than to add them as part of tech inspection!



That looks like the AM Pneumatic wheel. Were also using that, but it wobbles insanely. How did you manage to fix that? Yours looks pretty stable.

I suspect that will be very venue dependent, unless they crank the bass way up on the PA, just to even things out between venues. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

Gears? We don’t need no stinking gears!

It was direct drive off a CIM, running at about 90% power.

Definitely a design consideration. I personally need all the limbs and eyeballs I currently have, and I assume other feel the same way.

Basically, first of all make sure your motor mount is very stable.
Make sure the hub is perfectly centred on the wheel. We used some thin grippy material between the wheel and the hub to prevent it slipping. Make sure all six bolts are tight.
Then find a piece of something that can fit in the hole in the hub and suspend the wheel like a plumb bob. You’ll see it list a lot to one side or the other. The weight of the fill tube leaves it way off balance. Attach weights to the wheel until it balances as perfectly as you can get it. Make very sure that the weights are securely attached, these wheels are really moving fast and a couple of grams at that speed will do serious damage. See Jason’s post above.

Then everything is great and hopefully your team-mates will have developed the world’s best climber while you were working on the shooter. That part didn’t work out that way for us, but a guy can dream.

WoW! That was awesome! Our team is going for the same approach. We are wanting to shoot full court shots. But that really depends if our shooter is accurate enough.

And I do agree, there could be air flow getting in the way of those long shots depending on where the regional is.

Any tips on balancing the wheel?

Our team stuck a couple of long screws to the inside of the wheel opposite the valve. It seems to be working so far…