Full extrusion ahead

Team 1989 is going 4wd tank drive with 2 driven omnis in the back frame print is in full swing and scheduled to finish Monday morning

We got a team started on a shooter which will be a similar thing to the one we had in stronghold only mostly 3DP and ball intake and on the climber possibly with buddy climb I have been told. I want to see the numbers on that first but we will see what they come up with. So we had a good kickoff and someone even donated pizza. Everything goes better with pizza. The pic is of one of the Chirons about half way into printing the toughbox mini/6in wheel/axle holder part of the frame
Cad file in the Frame05F directory on grab cad

What is the scale of what I’m looking at in this picture?

213,6mm in each direction on this particular piece it looks like this now

The 6 in wheel goes into the opening there are bearings the plate is to mount a toughbox mini with the long hex shaft This will be connected with pieces like this

This particular piece is 320.4 mm long 320.4 + 2x 213.6 - 747.6mm or about 29.5 in so our frame this year will be 29.5 in square now we will ount some lexan in some places to the outside to protect some stuff or maybe a Fiberglass bellypan holder to keep us from trapping some balls etc so we have a little wiggle room to still be leagal within the 120 in constraint.

We can make that connecting piece any length and in L or X shape etc. The square channels will take 1/2 in 16 gauge square aluminum tubing to easily tie the pieces together. the axle holder is about 500g of HIPS the straight piece a little under 200. So the whole frame will be about 3kg of plastic and 6 29.5 in length of 1/2 in 16gauge square aluminum tubing and 4 toughbox minis with mini CIMS 2 andymark 6 in wheels and 2 6in omnis in the back. The frame will be closed in the back and open in the fromt

Something along the line of this only using the 1/2in aluminum tubing which we found to be sufficient in tests - the frame above is the frame2020 version which used a mixture or 1/2 in and 3/4 in al. tubing. And we will also power the omnis for more pushing power. The black/yellow frame above saved almost 10 lb over a comparable all aluminum frame and had better stiffness across.

And with the “white” design the holes in the middle of the crosses are for 1/4-20 bolts and are for mounting bumpers the holes on top/bottom are for #8 sheet metal screws or bolts to hold the aluminum tubing in place or to hold light items. We settled on those improvements as now each other assembly and component will mount to a pre-determined hole pattern so that means we can design and test part/component A that mounts to B even though B might not be finished yet.

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