Full Field Stream of Einstein- Thank You A/V!

Thank you to the A/V team at champs for finally giving us a full field stream of Einstein! I hope FIRST continues doing this for all future Championships!

Completely agree!

This is what we want! It’s not only easier for us fantatics, but SO MUCH clearer for friends, family, and other spectators. Thank you!

Personally id rather have a stream where the A/V can follow the action properly and stream with just a full field view.

That being said, it was nice to actually see what was happening for once during the finals. Good job whoever is contracted for Detroit.

Must have just been the livestream, for those of us at the venue, if you didn’t have a good view of the field you didn’t see much (the video screens only showed the close-up views). I also thought the lighting could have been a lot brighter on both the FTC and FRC fields.

The audio at the venue was also WAY to low to hear anything well.