Full length 1st Glance

Here is the Week 1 episode of 1st Glance. Next week we are hoping to have footage from every regional. To do this we are going to need your help. If you can put together a 1-2 minute highlight video of your regional and get it to us by Sunday evening that would be awesome. Thanks and enjoy this weeks episode. Contact 1st Glance at [email protected]

Sweet, this is really cool. Keep doing this if you guys are up to it, it could turn into something really enjoyable if a lot of people watch it.

I liked the footage of the rare usage of the Kinect station. I hope you guys can manage to get some more footage from teams throughout the following weeks. I like the potential of the weekly general, visual overview of the competitions.

P.S. 1677 was another Gull Lake District winner. Their robot was unable to compete after the semi-finals so 4327 became the back up robot and the 4th member of the alliance.

Near the very end of the video, you stated that “Lightning Robotics,” team 862, won Kettering, while they were only finalists. You meant to say “Killer Bees,” team 33.

Yep Thanks for catching that