full metal challenge

has anyone else seen the commercials for this on tlc, it looks like it could be better than junkyard wars

thats the new show with the old junkyard wars cohost, i don’t think it will be as good though

I haven’t seen those commercials yet, but has anyone seen that Monster Garage is starting again.

Henry Rollins was on the full metal challenge commercial. that means there’s gonna be alot of destruction on the show.

hey, i saw the commercial for that show, and being an avid junkyard wars, i think that this looks like a kick-butt show.
p.s. the co-host her name is kathy


It would be nice if FIRST had a TV show series !!

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** the co-host her name is kathy

Badjokeguy **

Kathy Rogers, she was also a producer on Junkyard wars

What does it look like there doing in the commerical?

Near as I can figure they were just driving a bunch of dune buggy truck looking things into random stuff on a field. Does’nt seem too exciting.

I start school tomorrow AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!