Full Metal Challenge

Finally another good show on TLC!!! This show has a similar principle to FIRST in that you have one month to build a heavy weight vehicle under 4 tons. Only they don’t know what games they are playing…

good show…

Wouldn’t that be interesting for FIRST…with the not knowing what it has to do. I mean, maybe give a few hints…like ball size and stuff like that…but leave what has to be done open. It would probably be waaay to complex so I doubt it would be very good to watch.

FMC is a pretty decent show. Big things sliding = cool. I’m not sure how long the appeal will last for that show, though.

I really like the show too. I think there was another thread on this but I’m too lazy to search for it.

Anyway the cars are often way more capable than the game. It blinds me too see a lifted 4x4 take a bath in anything other than mud. I think it’s pretty much said that everyone is sick of Cathy Rogers and that goes for me too. But, what are you going to do?

Don’t get me wrong though. I really do like the show.

Eeoow Neeuuw. They’ve spruuung a lik.
-Cathy Rogers


Gotta love that English accent!!!

Ewww Neewww. Thea krashied!

The foct of thee maatter is thut thee centri-fuugul puump will be spuun anti-clockwise by the alu-min-iyum proppy-drive. I hoope the sticky-tape will hold for the shassy.