Full Moon Robotics 2021 - Robot Reveal: Blue Moon

Hello Everybody!

Full Moon Robotics is excited to announce that we have released our robot reveal video for our robot, Blue Moon! The entire team has worked hard to put this together for everyone in the FIRST community, so we’re proud to show you what we’ve done! Special thanks to the Full Moon Robotics Planning Committee for planning our event safely and effectively! This year’s season went incredibly well! We’d also like to thank our sponsors, as well as everyone that tuned in to watch our livestream!

Now show us what you can do! We would appreciate any feedback or questions!


Hey! I had a question about your shooter. Did you attempt to shoot from different distances? If so did you struggle at all with getting the distance or height you needed?

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Hey! I was part of the team that worked on the shooter. First and foremost, given that we only had 3 days, we tried our best to really make a shooter that would work consistently enough for about 3 balls. Our design process was centered around having the ability to shoot from different distances (for the challenges) without overcomplicating the shooter design. This led to the idea of a hooded shooter with an exit angle of roughly 45 degrees parallel to the ground so that the balls would have an arc that could enter the goal from different distances by just the flywheel power rather than with an adjustable hood. We did not have much time to generate set values for what the motor speed should have been at different distances given our time constraints, but here are some takeaways:

  • The flywheels experience a decent amount of speed reduction after shooting a ball, so the second ball would not travel as far (we used only one NEO 1:1 motor, I would recommend using two NEOs and fairlane wheels on the shooter)

  • Based on just what values we manually set, we had a decent amount of variability with shooting distance, so the conclusion is yes, we can shoot from different distances but a consistent motor RPM and balance of speed and torque is needed to pull it off.

  • Random note: Ball compression throughout the shooter hood is 2in, feeder wheels before the shooter compress about 1in, the hood is 7.5in wide, and the wooden dowels are adjustable to experiment with compression on the ball’s exit. A straighter exit would be more effective at making the shot more consistent.


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