Full Moon Robotics Ri3D Team Announcement

Hello FRC Community!

We’re excited to announce our new Robot in 3 Days team Full Moon Robotics, based at NC State University. We’ve built a website, fullmoonrobotics.org, to help you learn about and interact with our team. From there, you can watch our stream, give us input, read our blog, and find links to our other resources.

Our stream will be kicking off at 12 Noon on January 4th and will end 72 hours later. We’ll release updates throughout the event, and will publish tutorials, write-ups, articles, and videos in the following days.

Good luck in the coming weeks,
Kyle Brown
Full Moon Robotics Project Lead


Good luck, have fun, and remember the tutorials are your product, not the robot. Budget enough time and people to make videos - they take just as much work as building does! So if you don’t build the robot you always wished you could, or even finish the robot at all, it won’t be the end of the world. Give teams good ideas and insight and you will have succeeded.


Hi everybody! Wanted to chime in here and introduce myself- I’m Sam Weaver, and I’m the Visual Media team lead at FMR!

I’ll be managing the livestream and video production during the event, and also recording content to share later! I’ll be working with a spectacular team of 6 others behind the scenes and we can’t wait to share our process!

Feel free to reply here with any questions you might have! Additionally, someone from our team should be available in the chat during the stream!

Happy (early) Kickoff!