Full robot sketch on T-Shirts

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I’ve been looking at some team’s shirts and some have a full robot sketch on it that looks super cool. Does anyone know how to do it? (im assuming its from a cad program), or if you have to hand draw it in something like Illustrator or Photoshop.

Example From 1690:

You can get it from most CAD programs - you change the view settings from “shaded with edges” to “hidden lines removed” (exact terms may vary from program to program). Here’s where it is in Onshape and SolidWorks:


Once you get a screenshot of that, you may need to play around with it in Illustrator or Photoshop to make it look good on the shirt. We were going to put our robot on our shirt this year, but it had too many fine lines (such as on the omni wheels) that would have blended together and looked like scribbles, and then we ran out of time.

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Pretty much the same thing in inventor

As long as your semi-decent at photoshop after this its pretty easy

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Cool! thanks for the help!

For the one on the right we simply took a screenshot of the robot in wire frame view in Solidworks(I think that’s how this opsion is called), then removed some elements in Photoshop to simplify the photo and make it look better.
Starting from our 2018 Championship shirts and onwards we started by taking a screenshot and then used an IPad to draw on it, gives it a very cartoonish look that we really like.
For example, the robot sketch for this year’s T shirts looks like this:

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This is exactly the sort of thing the drawing package of CAD programmes is for. Make a drawing, plop the ISO/Trimetric/Dimetric in there, and then start fiddling with line weights if you like. Then you can export high fidelity images / vectors, not just screenshots.

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