Full Size Metric Practice Field - Team Rembrandts ready for 2016!

Hey all,

We’ve been working for the past weeks on designing a metric equivalent for the FRC field. We have both set-ups, rectangle & diamant.

Hopefully the field doesn’t change a lot for this season :rolleyes:

Here’s a timelapse video with some photo’s:

After the reveal we will re-design the field elements to metric standards and hopefully start the production Monday morning. After having the complete field set-up we’re working towards releasing the designs and making assembly instructions.

Enjoy your kick off tomorrow!! ::rtm::

I really want to come visit you folks at some point. You have an amazing team.

Very nice. What is that facility? and how did you get such a large space there?

Thanks! We missed you guys last year :frowning:
You, and everyone else, is more than welcome to! We’re hosting a scrimmage in week 6.
Two german teams, 3011 & 5880, are coming so far. As well as the Dutch team 5412.

We have enough housing if you like. Just pop in when you’re around because of business :wink:

It’s a big factory from KMWE/Dutch Aero. They make parts over there for the aircraft industry.
We’ve been in one of their buildings last season but we couldn’t enter during dayworking. (9am - 5pm)
They’ve moved in with a different facility and had some space left for the time being.

So we took our chance and pulled it off to build an entire field with some working tables. We have some keys to enter the building, they work 24 hours a day during the week.
In weekends they’ve arranged a special service for also 24hour opening.

This in combination with a practice bot this year will be major for us. Really looking forward to start the 2016 tomorrow.

Looks great! Your design uses a bit less wood than our field, but we’ve made ours so that it can come apart in sections for transport if necessary. How did you join the lumber on the long sides without gussets? Is there just one screw in each joint?

Very cool. Excited to see what you guys do in NYC especially with the added benefit of this project. See you guys there.

Nice job, the video was nice and the field looks great!