Fully Functional R2-D2

Do those motors look like CIMS?

Nice anderson clips, our team has used those… Anyone else see any similarities?

That’s… awesome! I SPY A CIM!

“Battle Bots” Pfff…

Pretty sure I saw what looked like a globe in R2’s Dome as well. Saw these guys in Indianapolis a couple years back at Celebration III. AMAZING stuff.

If I eat all of my vegetables, do you think Santa Claus will bring me one for Christmas? :wink:

pshhh, my team built one on a budget of $3000


YESSS!!! Built in Zune sound system ftw!! ::safety:: :smiley:

Us Zune users do exist!!! (although rare among the iPod fanboys (and fangirls of course)). :stuck_out_tongue: