FUN Behind the Bumpers in Israel Series - Latest: 2096 Roboactive

A couple weeks ago I traveled to the Israel International Off-Season event and got to meet some awesome people in FIRST and interview several teams!

Some are teams you may recognize and some may be teams that you should keep on your radar in future seasons.

Starting out with one of the best is 1574 MisCar: “If it wont be simple, it simply won’t be”. 1574 MisCar talks about their challenges in sourcing parts and their custom routes for their swerve including their encoders, their extremely accurate shooter and efficient climber for their Rapid React robot and more into their ball detection software, match feedback implementation and custom dashboard on Behind the Bumpers.


7 Likes 3339 BumbleB is the complete package that lead them to be the #1 seed on newton division. With their shoot on the move capabilities and efficient scoring in all aspects 3339 continues their legacy of excellence with their Rapid React Robot on Behind the Bumpers.


8 Likes 5554 The Poros Robotics has more than just a cute mascot. Hear more about their drive shifters, autonomous, operator dashboard and controller feedback when their Rapid React robot is ready to shoot on Behind the Bumpers.


3 Likes With only 2 full seasons under their belt 7845 8BIT is already looking like one of the next top tier teams out of Israel with 2 District Finalists and an alliance captain role at their District Championship. Learn more about their Rapid React Robot including their iterations on their intake, changes in their shooting strategy and no-swing climber on Behind the Bumpers


1 Like 3316 D-Bug has an awesome combined intake and shooting arm mechanism that is incredibly stable allowing for quick cycle times. Hear about their position control on their arm, SDS MK4 shield modifications and 3D printed pods for their climber on behind the bumpers.


2 Likes Utilizing grip tape on their shooter wheels and intake 5135 Black Unicorns out of Israel had a great run this year. Hear more about their breaking system for their fast climber and also check out the nice sheet metal work on their Rapid React robot on Behind the Bumpers.

1 Like 4744 Ninjas demonstrates how a team who had severe resource challenges can still create a competitive robot. Check out their integrated roller claw, steady traversal climber and overall robot design of their Rapid React robot on Behind the Bumpers.


1 Like Engineering Inspiration Award Winners at Champs and Chairman’s Finalists at Champs in 2018 FRC 2096 Roboactive is an inspiring team to behold. Check out their robot overview including reducing their climber to a mid level to incorporate their new cargo features and programming details on Behind the Bumpers.

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