[FUN] Behind the Bumpers Team Interview Uploads Mega-thread



With over 50 host/contributors we are going to have multiple Behind the Bumpers videos coming out each week so I going to have these live in this topic thread.

Behind the Bumpers has been a long running segment where we interview teams in the FRC community to learn more about what makes their robot, team and outreach initiatives unique.

Behind the Bumpers Full Playlist

Behind the Bumpers FRC2468 Team Appreciate
Behind the Bumpers FRC27 Team Rush
Behind the Bumpers FRC1414 IHot

If you would like to have your team featured (or have a team you would like to see), let us know what makes your team standout and if we are at your event we will do what we can to interview you.


If you’re at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional, Team 1787 would love to talk with you!

Our team is great because we are in one of the most productive years in our history. We have an amazing self-centering hatch mechanism, we built a practice field for the first time, recruited some new mentors, went to offseason competitions for the first time, and a lot more! We are still a small team and are really close with each other but we have some big goals and are trying our absolute best to achieve them


9 Behind the Bumpers videos dropping over the next couple of days!

Starting off from the UK: Behind the Bumpers FRC1797 Phoenix & FRC1884 Griffins


From Ohio and winners of the Midwest Regional 2019 Behind the Bumpers FRC48 Team ELITE


From Arkansas: Behind the Bumpers FRC16 Bomb Squad


Winners of the Northern Lights Regional: Behind the Bumpers FRC2052 KnightKrawler


Hall of fame and 2019 Midwest Regional Winners: Behind the Bumpers FRC111 Wildstang


#1 seed at the Midwest Regional Behind the Bumpers FRC3695 Foximus Prime


Behind the Bumpers FRC2338 Gear it Forward
Behind the Bumpers FRC2451 PWNAGE


Behind the Bumpers FRC5254 Hype


Behind the Bumpers with 2x Regional Champs FRC2791 Shaker Robotics