[FUN] Candidly Speaking 1/15 8:30pm Eastern

Candidly Speaking is back on Monday 1/15 starting at 8:30pm Eastern.

Watch: https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

YouTube Archive: https://youtu.be/GL2-YN_8D1E

Hosts Libby and Karthik will be joined by Clint Ott from FRC1619 and will be brutally honest on:

General Power Up Impressions
Viability of Ramps/Lifts
Unbalanced Plate Assignments
Ri3D/MCC in 2018
Game Pieces cost in Israel and other continents.

We will also make time to take open questions from the chat and any posts in here.

Come join us and let us know your unfiltered thoughts in chat!

If anyone has any questions they’d like to hear us answer on tonight’s show, feel free to drop them in this thread before the show starts!

How do you think refs are going to interpret LAUNCHING, is it launching if you have an elevator and reverse your intake wheels to spit the cubes out? What about an arm that “dunks” the cubes. Is anything other than simply dropping cubes launching?

For anyone and everyone during the “Power UP” general discussion:

Quite a few people feel this is a game of “stealing from the best, inventing the rest”, due to similarities to previous games and game objects, in both FRC and in FTC. Do you feel that this copying or design inspiration will work for or against teams as we progress in the build season, and season overall?

What are 5 mistakes that teams building ramps should avoid?

Do you think this game is unique in terms of how many teams will be able to complete all three tasks (Low cube placement, High cube placement, Climb), or is it the same as every other year where teams over estimate their capabilities?

Obviously one of the topics that will be discussed is Robot in 3 Days.

**I’m wondering if the group believes this year’s version of Ri3D has been more successful than previous years in terms of providing FRC teams with valuable content that will help them with their builds?

Is there value in different Ri3D teams establishing different parameters for their builds in an effort to provide content that will help a wide range of FRC teams?**


  • The GreenHorns established no monetary limits for our build and attempted to build a robot that was capable of winning a regional - targeting mid-level teams that have the financial resources but not necessarily the technical/mentor resources to build a great bot

  • 118’s Everybot established a $1,000 monetary limit along with mechanical limits such as that it must be capable of being built with basic tools - seemingly targeting lower end teams. (And they built a bot that would be insanely competitive)

How competitive do you think the Ri3D robots would be? **
What would you tell the Ri3D teams to do differently?

Obviously there are a bunch of questions, and I’m guessing you’ll end up answering a lot of them in your scheduled conversation about Ri3D.

Thanks everybody! Looking forward to the show!

What kind of alliances do you think we’ll see in early weeks of play, later Regionals/District Champs, and at 2Champs?

What do you think the point differences between winning and losing alliances will be at various points in the season?

Do you think that games will be won/lost more by micro or macro?
Ex: They hit their power up button a couple seconds too late
The alliance prioritized getting power ups too much and lost control over the field

How relevant will contesting the switch near your opponent’s alliance wall be? How much do you think the scale/switch randomization will dictate the necessity of attacking your opponent’s switch?

  1. Will we ever see a perfect match score? If so, when?

  2. Thoughts about how crowded the field will be this year.

What mechanisms are teams going to copy from past years, which will turn out to be sub-par for this year?

I missed it. How soon after do you put the video up on YouTube?

Should be up around Midnight central time or so on youtube.


Forgot to put the link in for YouTube: https://youtu.be/GL2-YN_8D1E

We had a great turnout last night and some awesome subjects (and rants) including Ra’anan from FRC5951 calling in at 4am local time to express his frusteration with teams in Israel having to pay $70 per Power Cube.

Big thanks to Clint Ott from being a great guest. We are pleased to announce that Clint will be one of our new hosts and show runners for the US West Recap show during competition season.

That’s great news. Clint is super chill.