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Candidly Speaking Topics:

Remembering Mark Leon
Should winning Chairman’s should qualify your robot to compete at the next level?
Are modifications to rule G24 required about removing cubes from the switch/scale?
How to pick a great 3rd/4th robot at competition.

Giveaways on FRCTop25: Batthawks from Team 1720 The PhyXTGears, T-shirt from The Digital Goats
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I didn’t want to get into district numbers, but I did some research based on the 59 regional teams who qualified for their Championships via RCA this year & thought it was pretty interesting:

  • 14 of them were Winners at 1+ Regionals

  • 12 of them were Finalists at 1+ Regionals

  • 2 of them (1619 & 399) were Winners and Finalists at Regionals this season

  • Only 6 RCA recipients did not play in eliminations at any of their Regionals

Thanks for looking into this! Great stats.

Haven’t taken the time to update this data in a couple years, but I think it’s still relevant info: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2843

As of 2015, CA and EI qualifiers to the CMP were getting picked for elims at about the same rate as the average team at the CMP.

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