[FUN] Division Release with Guest Karthik Friday 8PM EST!

CD Community!

FUN is proud to partner with FIRST in providing a Championship Preview show on Friday at 8PM Eastern!


FIRST will be releasing Divisions and Preliminary Match Schedules around 8PM EST and we will be hosting a live show to give you the rundown and count down the final FRC Top 25 before Championships!

We hope that you will join in to watch live at 8PM EST. We will be taking some calls from the chat room as well so stay tuned for details!

Our main guest for the show will be Karthik from 1114 Simbotics! If you have questions for Karthik or anything else in the show, post here, email us, or post live on the show!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!
Live: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Archived Shows: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow