[FUN] FRC Top 25 Week 7 and Pre-Champ Polls Open!

Hello CD Community!

We are very excited to be wrapping up the final 2 of 3 polls of the 2016 competition season year! The FRC Top 25 polls have received more responses and input than ever before and we would like to thank you the community for being involved!

**To start. We will have two shows this next week. One on Tuesday with the Week 7 Recap on Tuesday 8:30PM EST and the FRC Top 25(10).

Our pre-championship show (with some exciting details to follow once we can release the information) will be live from Vex Worlds (well the hotel) with special guest Karthik Kanagasabapathy (for real this time) starting at 8PM Eastern on Friday 4/22. We will count down the top 25 voted teams in FRC!

Watch live: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Archived shows: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

There will be two polls this week that are both open now!**

Week 7 Poll. For this poll since there are so few teams we will only be doing a FRC Top 10. Submissions may be submitted here and polls close on Monday at 8PM EST. You may submit for 10-25 teams for this poll and this is only for teams who have competed in week 7.

Pre-Championship Poll. This poll is open to vote for any and all teams who have competed in the 2016 season (sorry no 1717 votes will be accepted). You may submit for 15-25 teams for this poll. Submissions may be submitted here and polls close at the end of Wednesday.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to every one that has watched, listen, and shared our shows this year. We do our shows to engage and build the FRC Community and knowing that at least a few people enjoy what we do makes us want to do more!

I could just be really bad at reading but I don’t think there is a date listed for the pre champs show. I think it’s Friday but I mean, I don’t know.

Its your team number date

He edited it after I posted. (:

Edit clearly says he only added an extra period :wink:

The survey title is “Week 7 Community Poll” but the only option for “Which week are you submitting for?” is week 6.

Fixed thank you for pointing out something that was broken (unlike PayneTrain…). :slight_smile:

This thread is bizarrely passive aggressive

So where is the rest of the top 25 for week 7? Can someone link please? Is it not posted? Am I blind?

Gosh, everybody give Wil some slack here. He just missed the date because he read it as his team number, obviously.


It’s on our website I will try to post a full thread on cd later today. I am traveling to VEX WORLDS today so please be pacient.


We are having some fun with Wil it’s all good.

Here is the full Top 25 from Week 7!

Just a reminder that voting for the FRC Top 25 for Championships closes tonight! Get your votes in.

If you didn’t see the Top 25(10) for Week 7 here’s the thread.

Oh, I know. I guess sarcasm doesn’t translate well through text :wink:

Anyway, this might be the most underhyped prechamps show ever. CMP is going to be ripe with great teams from around the world, and it will be more competitive than ever. Looking forward to Fridays show!