FUN Future Educators Scholarship - Application Details - Donate to Grow the Scholarships

FUN is pleased to announce that we have created a scholarship program. The FUN Future Educator Scholarship is the first FIRST scholarship directed for those looking to enter the education field (as far as we can tell) FUN Founders Mike, Justin and Kristine are all educators and I’m an education major dropout so this is something that has been on our mind for years and something we are passionate about as well. You can read all details on the link below.

Scholarship applications are open through March 31st 2021 and located at . This will also be up on the FIRST Scholarship website soon.

There will be two scholarships starting at $500 each. FUN is accepting donations from the community if you would like to help contribute and we will cover any transaction fees associated. You can donate at through March 31st. 100% of funds donated here will fund the scholarships.

Side plug: We have launched a tiktok account under @firstupdatesnow or . Follow us and check it out. This is not ran by old man Tyler so look forward to some interesting stories from members of our Crew including our first story by Ari!


Very cool seeing another community based scholarship offering! The ecosystem just keeps growing.


Video on the FUN Future Educators Scholarship if you would like to share:


A big thank you as we have already received $465 in additional donations!


That sounds great!

Is this scholarship open to non US citizens?
Is the scholarship open to universities overseas?
(I live in Australia and plan to go to an Australian university)

Yes, we have no geographic restrictions. Please note the funds will just convert from USD to whatever currency of the recipients.

Also thank you to those who have donated additional funds! We have received an additional $655 from donors which puts both scholarships at $827.50 USD each.

Donations and applications are accepted through March 31st.


If you would like to donate to the fund: