[FUN] Guest Jim Zondag joins Recap! Tuesday 8:30PM EST

CD Community!

We have a huge week of FUN ahead starting off with our Tuesday Recap show at 8:30PM EST!

Watch Live: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Archived Shows: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

Guest Jim Zondag from the legendary FRC33 Killer Bees and Robozone show will join us to talk week 7 District Championships and his thoughts moving forward into the championship.

If you have questions for Jim about FRC33 Killer Bees, the Robozone show, or anything else feel free to post below or email firstupdatesnow@gmail.com

More to come very soon about some other big announcements!

You’ve hinted towards some secretive announcement a few times now. I’ll kick off the guessing. FUN will host a “selection show” later this week in which the divisions will be revealed.

Is it bad when you know the team, week, event, and match a picture occurs…


Ooh, somebody squashed Minnie Mouse! :eek:

These are shaping up to be two excellent shows! I’m interested to hear his district championship wrapup, as well as the Divisions show live from Kentucky!
Now for questions -

Mr. Zondag,
If you were going into a match “blind”, and knew nothing about the other alliance other than it consists of 3 robots, what would your initial strategy be? Full offense? 2-1 Offense/Courtyard defense? Offense-Feeder-Defense?

If one wanted to get your signature and a piece of life advice for a book of mine, where’s the best place to find you at Champs that isn’t the Dome floor?

Great question! We will add this and questions we have been emailed to the show doc.

In previous years, Jim had a “Team at a a glance” sheet that has some relevant data for the years game for each team in the division. Does he still carry such a sheet, and what categories of data would he be willing to share are on said sheet? I know at least a couple of the categories are not “proprietary”, though I can imagine 33 may want to keep a couple categories a secret for competitive purposes.

We’re going live in a few minutes. Hope you can join us!