[FUN] How can a Defensive Robot Make it to Einstein?

Which team do you believe will utilize this strategy?


See the entire strategy in action here!

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Wait. If a robot is small enough to get inside the castle and block shots, then it’s also small enough to go under the low bar. 90% of all teams say they’re going to go under the low bar.

I think I just figured out what terrifies Karthik!

If anything should terrify Karthik, it’s not the possibility of robots that intend to fly and fail. Rather, the robots that DON’T intend to fly, and fail. Something tells me that based on how robots seem to be in the air for even a second after crossing/flying over the rock wall, we might have a few…untimely crash landings.

It will take an estimated 40 lbs of robot to get up to that speed using the minimum parts required, including battery and bumper. The robot will need a pretty high speed in order to make the jump up.

The force of impact would probably damage the tower. The force of a miss could damage the field or a field steward.

The momentum of the object in an abnormal trajectory would cause major safety concerns.

Fun animation, not so plausible of a strategy :wink:

This idea was tested in the state of the art simulation!

Good to see Ryan’s still making the world of FRC a better place with these high-level strats!

Hmmm. That program looks a bit familiar, coupled with the name of the post… could it be?

Haha, quite a coincidence, it is actually Incredibots 3:

Not quite as comprehensive as Phun but it has the necessities. Maybe I should look to upgrade.

Something similar was done In Breakaway when Rosie pushed Thrust into the goal in the semis at the CT regional. It was a hotly contested move, and secured Rosie’s spot as a defensive team: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84944

Lol, I also completely forgot 40 was in that match.

See??? It can be legal!

We pushed a robot both unintentionally and “intentionally” (at the same time) 6 times into a goal during the 2010 season.
We got jabbed on CD, especially at the Hawaii regional that year.

IMO, it was legal.

Our robot had one of the worst gate latch bungee shooters that year. i.e. it sucked. We spent 90% of the time pushing balls into the goals.
If you played defense on us, we still tried to push the balls into the goals regardless if you were in the way or not. On several of them, we pushed a robot and the ball into the goal simultaneously.

If a robot is small enough to fit into the low goal, you can be sure that someone is going to stuff them in there at various regional events in the act of trying to score.

Do you have any video recordings of this? Must be an interesting watch…

Reminds me of https://www.c64-wiki.com/index.php/File:Moon_Patrol_Animation.gif