Fun idea for face the boss for off-season events

I was chatting with a couple of other mentors from some other teams about fun things we could add to the game for off-season events.

One item that we came up with was to add one of those wavy arm inflatable tube guys on the top of the scale and have it waving around during the match. If you defeat the boss, then the power to the blower is turned off at the end of the match and he deflates. This would give the audience something to cheer about when a team defeats the boss and would, I think, be relatively easy to integrate into the field and scoring table. I’m sure that you could rent one of these for the weekend fairly cheap as well.

Obviously this one is a bit big (and the video is a bit silly), but you get the idea:

@254. This at Chezy Champs please.


I think OP needs to be on next year’s GDC.

Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve had some fun at Chezy Champs.

Is there room at the top for a Red Boss and a Blue Boss?

Colored LED lights inside the base of the tube.

Just in case you need to find a place to get them…


Maybe at BoB…

@1885 PLEASE do this at IROC!

If neither team defeats the boss, Bayley’s theme song must be played at the end of the match


Things I didn’t know I needed in my life. May have to do this at the Rumble in the Roads…

I think it better just travel with Cheesy Arena so we can have it down here for Beach Blitz.


Removal of null zones and no throwing cubes limitations too please.

You want me to remove the null zones and also make it so you can’t throw cubes? :wink:

Robot Rally at the Citrus Fair removed the teeth from the throwing rule: If it landed out of bounds it was eligible for a tech foul, otherwise not. Add in that the rest of the rule (regarding location) was left in, and the only way to get a tech foul would be to be outside the allowed zone AND have the cube leave the field.

I need some video of 7157 draining shots onto the FAR plate of the switch…

The Null Zone contact rule, however, I think should stay: If you hit an extended, tall robot in its zone, and it falls over onto somebody, that is really, really bad.

Sorry I was miss understood.
I want to be able to launch cubes from any part of the field, of course.
I think portal to scale is possible now, portal to far switch by Rumble??