FUN is looking for members of the community to join it's steering committee

FUN is looking for members of the community to join it’s steering committee:

With so many changes going on in the 2021 season for both FRC and FTC we would like to bring in fresh ideas from the community to help provide input to the content we do or do not make. FUN is opening up applications to a steering committee that will meet every two months for 45 min to 1 hour. There will be two committees one each for FRC and FTC content.

Steering committees will be comprised of around 10 (+/- a few) members from: The community, FUN Nation members, FUN crew members (hosts, show runners) and FUN Founders. We’re looking for people who are active in the FIRST community and have a good ear to the ground including those actively involved in FIRST related discords, forums, subreddits and FB groups to help provide feedback and new ideas. Ideas moved forward may also solicit general community feedback on FUN’s Discord.

If you want to directly help support FUN in this manner please fill out the following application by Sunday, January 31st at
If you have any questions please read through the application to see if we have addressed this and if not please post here or in #fun-server-suggestions on FUN’s Discord

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