FUN is Looking for Show Hosts!

Hello everyone!

FUN is getting ready for another season and as we look to expand content we are looking for approximately 12 talented individuals to act as show hosts for a new unnamed project during the season.

Here’s some information on the type of person we are looking for:

Enthusiastic personality and a drive to get the job done no matter what.
Confidence in front of a camera with a strong vocal presence.
Relatable to the audience and willing to interact with members of the FUN chat room (both friends and trolls alike).
Knowledge of the FRC game and knowledge of teams and events in their region (most likely neighboring states).
Ability to work with others including other hosts, guests, and a producer.
Puts the show first above other commitments.
Ability to broadcast out of a quiet space without being disturbed, have a webcam (other than a laptop webcam), microphone (other than a laptop microphone), headphones, and a wired internet connection with at least 3mbps upload.
18+ years of age.
Not currently in high school.

Time commitment for this host position will require a weekly show during the competition season and time spent ahead of time (usually in a tight time window) for research/preparation.

Doing what we do is a ton of fun and the benefits of being recognized by and appreciated by the FRC community is incredible. With that comes a lot of hard work and willingness to go the distance no matter what.

If you are interested please fill out the following form by Sunday August 27th. We will follow up with you after this date.

FUN will provide an apparel piece in recognition and as a small token of appreciation. First year hosts will most likely receive a polo with other options available with multiple years of service.

We are also looking for contributors that would be willing to donate their time to help out with graphics and multimedia. We will proudly show your name on work and it can be a great portfolio piece to use in the future.

If you have questions you can ask them on here publicly or email me at

Next year… :rolleyes:

Man, if I weren’t bogged down with commitments…this sounds like something right up my alley. Maybe next time.

I may just have to apply…

Wow, we are blown away with the amount of responses so far! I wanted to update some questions that have come up for others who are considering:

**Any video/graphic requirements? ** Hosts do not need to be proficient in graphic design or videography. Organization and creative content writing is key to being successful.

What time are the broadcasts? I work a 9-5 job. Monday evenings most likely starting around 6:30-7:30pm of your local time zone.

Are hosts eligible to get media passes at events? For regional/district events absolutely as long as you are utilizing them for FUN purposes (videography, interviews, etc…). The last thing we want are people taking advantage of this for their team’s purposes and giving FUN a bad rap with the event coordinators. We will most likely not be able to provide media badges at championships.

Thanks again everyone. I am looking forward to reaching out to you after the 27th.

  • Tyler