[FUN] Post-Champs Recap Moved to Thursday 8:30PM EST

CD Community!

It’s crazy to think that the official Stronghold season and #last champs has come to an end! We know many of you are eager to talk more about what went down at champs (you know the will.i.am crazy stuff, who cares about the robots :stuck_out_tongue: ) and we hope you will join us on Thursday May 5th at 8:30PM Eastern.

We will be taking your calls for the show as well. If you are interested in being on the show go ahead and add Firstupdatesnow to your skype contacts. You do not need video for the call as we will only be accepting audio.

To watch the show live on Thursday: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Archived Shows and Clips: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

We will also be adding our Behind the Bumpers series of interviews from champs over the next couple weeks. If you didn’t see our super serious one with Tem 1254: The Chez Cakes check it out!

Noooooooo but that’s Captain America: Civil War night :frowning:

Lame I have to wait another night too :frowning: to watch Iron man kick cap’s @$$.

The show will be archived at www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow if you can’t make it.