[FUN] Recap and FRCTop25 with FRC118 Justin Ridley 4/11


CD Community!

Join us on Tuesday starting at 8:30PM Eastern for First Updates Now Recap! We will cover week 6, preview what’s to come week 7 and run down the FRC Top 25!

Guest: Justin Ridley from FRC 118 Robonauts.
Got questions for Justin and 118? Ask them below or email [email protected] !

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Having witnessed the havoc this game can wreak on wiring and electrical connections, and having the chance to ask an experienced team like 118, I was just wondering if you had any tips for securing connections such as the PWM, DIO, etc. ports on the roboRio?

So what’s the secret to 118’s strategies for, what some would call, “outlandish” end game strategies? (Read: When do you decide to pursue ideas like hanging off the bridge, firing a grappling hook up to the bar…)

Do you regret the grappling hook?

Now that low bar 2 balls have been demonstrated in matches will teams take it further? Will Einstein have an alliance with a double 2ball auto? If so where will it be from?

I noticed you guys had your robot shooting from the lane 5 outerworks in practice at Lone Star. Did that have anything to do with gaining a positional advantage for defending opposing robots from entering their secret passage via crossing their own defenses?

Thank you to those who submitted questions on here or emailed them in. We will try to get to as many as possible tonight.

A couple of additions to subjects for tonight:

Soapbox Discussion on the District Flyers being handed out at the Minneapolis regionals.

Mini-Soapbox (break during FRC Top 25) Should district teams be allowed to play at traditional events? Should the structure of how these teams advance to district champs change if they do qualify at a traditional event?

Hope to see you all tonight starting at 8:30 eastern!

Live: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Archived: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

How do you train drivers to get used to game like conditions of multiple robots being on the field?

Were starting in a few minutes! Hope you can join us.

Why would they regret the best climber in the world?

What a great show tonight! Thanks To Justin Ridley for joining us, and to all of you who tuned in! You guys rock.

This is yet another example of why we love the Robonauts.
This is easily the most inspirational feat of the 2016 season.
Grappling hooks will become the norm in future robot lifting challenges.

The main reasons that the grappling hook method used by 118 is so effective, is that the whole system is light. But also that it is quick to activate. Being able to climb quickly is highly important as without a quick method of climbing, the robot may in fact be better off making more high-goals. But it’s not just the attachment method which is important; the thing which can make or break the effectiveness of a climbing mechanism is the speed at which the robot can be lifted off the ground to the desired height. The most effective method of doing this is by using a PTO (Power take-off) from one or both of the drive gearboxes, as it enables the use of the drive trains motor power to lift the robot, reducing motor count which reduces weight and making the climb extremely quick. With this in mind, and with the new off the shelf offerings from ANDYMARK and West Coast Products it is highly likely we will extensive use of PTO’s in future climbing/lifting challenges (Obviously a lot are being used already) Also consider that some recent climbing games such as 2010 and 2013, the utilisation of a grappling hook device would not have enabled the full climb to occur, or at least not without greater complexity.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that 118’s grappling hook is the most inspirational feat of the 2016 season as there are plenty of other highly effective climbers some with arguably with higher reliability. Many new unique climbers will no doubt be seen at championship, but 118’s will definitely go down in the history books as one of the greatest.


Did you analyze their design before making this statement?

You do know that no mechanism is used on their robots without first having passed a rigorous and thorough engineering analysis with a comparison with other design strategies (including testing of many prototypes)?

To quote JVN, “This is an engineering competition.” 118 wins consistently because they do some of the best engineering.

Well… it was a question not a statement one with a comedic edge at that. I had no doubt there was rational behind it. Although even 118 could do something they even slightly regret.

I also asked it because they have historically taken mechanisms off their robots as the season progresses. This year it was the sally port arm/draw bridge arm last year it was the can articulator ect.

I just want to point out that from an outsider I read your post as quite aggressive.

I would also note that his question is just a question and not a statement. He never stated any fact to argue about.

Maybe I’m reading a tone that isn’t intended. Please tell me if that is so.

Mentors like yourself are a shame to the FIRST community. #thinkbeforeyoupost

Umm no sorry, we don’t say things like that on here. Maybe you should #thinkbeforeyoupost

Given how their username sounds phonetically, along with some of their post history, I can’t imagine it’s a serious account.