[FUN] Recap/FRCTop25 8:00pm EST 4/24 w/ Rules Review Committee Member

FUN Recap with the FRCTop25 is back! We’ll Recap Houston (and all the fun), bring in another member of the Rules Review Committee, Preview St. Louis, and count down the FRCTop25.

If you didn’t see how we are breaking down the FRCTop25 for Champs, pleasesee this thread.

Back again we will have Dante DiLella from the Rules Review Committee on who are willing to take your questions about their impact on the Steamworks game. The Rules Review Committee is comprised of respected members of the FRC community that are brought in at a critical stage of game design to give FIRST their unvarnished feedback on the game and what may need closer attention.

What questions do you have for the Rules Review committee? Post below.

Kristine from Word Play All Day is Back with another sweet robot drawing which she will be giving away! Make sure you follow or subscribe to the channel to win!

Join us live starting at 8:00pm on Monday 4/24 (not 8:30pm as this will be a longer show) Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow or https://www.thebluealliance.com/watch/gdl

Cue a bunch of questions about why the foul system works the way it does…

Tuesday 4/24? I sense some contradiction here.
Is it tonight or tomorrow?

What did this person think about changing pre-populated gears / kPa threshold for DCMPs / champs?

Another one - what were the thoughts on velcro? Did it come up? Did people think it would be too easy of a solution for climbing?

Fixed. It is tonight. Thank you for pointing this out.

Had some people asking. The member of the Rules Review Committee who will be on tonight with be Dante DiLella who is a head referee in FIRST.

This is a great chance to ask Dante his opinions of referee interactions and what feedback he had to FIRST in his role.

Can you ask him if the rules committee or refs in general have discussed bringing video replay to FRC with the GDC/HQ.

Seconded. A system similar to 1 video review (per alliance, during elims) that is implemented in many sports would bring FRC closer to that reality.

We’re online! Hope you can join us! https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Where did you have 1720 ranked for STL Champs?

Can someone post the list? I didn’t get to watch last night.

List along with show link will be posted in a couple hours.

Thanks, Tyler! See you in STL!

Go Gears!