[FUN Recap] Guest: JT Novak from FRC16 on 3/29 8:30PM EST!


Join us on Tuesday @ 8:30PM Eastern for FUN Recap. Here’s the agenda for the show:

Recap of week 4
Previews of select week 5 events
Soapbox Discussion: Bumper Heights and how it pertains to defense this year.
Ryan’s Awesome Einstein Strategy of the Week
FRC Top 25 for Week 4
**Live Only: ** Unfiltered Post Show (yes we will have one this week).

Guest: JT Novak from FRC 16 Bomb Squad

Hope you can join us!

Archived shows: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

Going live in about 15 minutes! Come join us and talk robots with JT!

Any chance of getting the top 40?

Yes it will be posted this evening.