FUN Recap with Ben Martin FRC225 2/13 8:30pm EST

Join us on Monday for FUN Recap! We’ll discuss MSC, gearing up for the end of build into competition season and get build recaps from 133 BERT and 5036 The Robo Devils!

Guest: Ben Martin from 225 Techfire!

Kristine Atiyeh from Word Play All Day will be back with another live drawing of a great robot and will be giving away the drawing at the end of the show. All you have to do is follow our Twitch channel and type in the correct phrase when the time comes for a drawing (see the last one she gave away below).

Watch Live:

**If you have any questions for these teams or have a suggested robot for Kristine to draw this week post below or tag @firstupdatesnow live in chat.**

Really excited to watch Ben win the drawing :stuck_out_tongue:

Love to see 1678 or 971 2014 or maybe 254 2011.

I’d like to see either 1241 or 330 from this past year. Both were gorgeous bots that dominated the fields.

971 2016, 15, or 14 would be cool to see


Long live the penguin bot! 1717 in 2009

Another vote for 1241 2016 or 1114 2015.

I may be biased but I second this, 1241 in 2016 pretty please

125 2017

+1 to this.

Also shameless plug and I’d like to see someone make it look good, 2826 2015.

2826 in 2015 was sheer elegance. Seconded.
Also 1024 from 2008.

1114 in 2010 is pretty cool.

They’re one of the most unrecognized dominant robots ever.

We can’t pick that one for this show because it would be #rigged if we picked your suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: .

Kristine will be drawing an awesome robot from Stronghold. It will transform your perception of art forever. :rolleyes:

In that case, how about 971, 125, 1678, 118, or 1323 from 2016?

Wow, already time for me to win another? And I just got the first one in the mail today!

i dont like you

About to start hope you can join us!

FUN Rigged 2: Electric Boogaloo

Love watching the show. Normally don’t have the chance at night but catch up on Youtube. Great insight and always some humor!

Thanks Derek for your kind words and for watching.

This episode is up on Check out Kristine’s awesome drawing of 971’s 2016 bot too!