[FUN] Recap with Champs 330 Coach Thursday 8:30PM EST!

CD Community:

FUN Recap post-championship show will air on Thursday 5/5 at 8:30PM Eastern.

Guest: Shane Palmerino. Coach of FRC330 The Beach Bots and 2016 World Champions!

Discussion Topics:
Recap of Divisions and Einstein
Soapbox on Tie-Breakers and will.i.am comments.
Off-season rule change possibilities.
Got questions for Shane? Post below or email to firstupdatesnow@gmail.com

Watch Live at: www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
Arched Shows: www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow

Kinda sad that the Headline had to be 330 Coach and not Shane. Dude’s a legend in Southern California, a 2-time World Champion (student and coach), and just a great guy in general. Had a lot of fun being around him as a student.

Really excited for the show tonight, hope you all can join us! Please let us know if you have any questions for Shane, or if there’s any topics you would like us to discuss!

+1 for legend.

If only there was some recently-released extremely controversial topic that all of CD was up in arms about… :rolleyes:

Will.I.Am? :eek:

Seat saving?

Not 2 Champs :ahh: ?

Shane is one of mot professional, influential, and fantastic drive coaches I’ve ever worked with. Can’t wait to watch this!

I’m not sure if the sad part about this is that I’m not 100% sure which topic he’s referring to.

All season I’ve pushed in the Twitch chat for us to get noticed… Hopefully us winning Hopper and making it to Einstein does that. :wink:

Can’t wait to watch the show tonight, you guys have been great all season!

We’re going on in a few minutes! Hope you can join us!


Is an archive of the show available, would love to listen to it

The audio archive should be populating on Itunes and Soundcloud (RSS) shortly. We will have the Youtube Archive up later today.

www.youtube.com/c/firstupdatesnow (when uploaded).

Thank you to everyone who tuned in once again last night!

Amazing recap for an amazing season! Thank you Joe for the kind words about our team!
Gotta say that Tyler spoke about experienced and veteran coach but for the last two year we had a student coach that led us to the einstein field. We had a blast playing with 694, 379 and 1511
Can’t wait for the next show!