[FUN] Region Previews Monday - XTRA FUN Celebration w/games Tuesday

FUN Weekly Show Schedule: Watch live at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow Archives at youtube.com/firstupdatesnow

As FUN has multiple shows in a week post will serve for all shows this Monday-Sunday

Monday: Region recap is back for the 2019 season and this week will be all about event previews for week 1, discussions on match strategy and local topics. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our local hosts and a great opportunity for them to be in front of a live audience prior to event recaps.

Map below with coverage areas (by where events are, not where teams are) Week 1 preview shows:
USA Northeast 7:00pm ET
USA Southeast 7:30pm ET
FIRST in Michigan 8:00pm ET
USA south 8:30pm ET
USA North/Ontario/Quebec 9:00pm ET
USA West/Alberta/British Columbia 9:30pm ET

We are also starting a Israel Region Recap show that will be taped live but aired offline starting after ISR 1&2. Mexico/LATAM will also start next week

XTRA FUN Appreciation Night. Let’s party and celebrate the build season with Jackbox games. Also international event/team previews! 8:30pm ET

Check out our 2019 International Teams Preview https://youtu.be/YJDbPboF3vo

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Starting in a bit with region recap. Come join us!

Thank you to everyone who made a great turnout for Week 1 Previews! Links below:

Tonight: XTRA FUN fan appreciation night from 8:30pm-10:00pm eastern w/ bonus International team preview video at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow ! Come play Jackbox for a bit and win some prizes including:

FTA Bear Space Pins! https://shopfirstyle.com/accessories/bear-space-pin.html
FRC316 Lunatechs T-shirt. Wish them good luck in week 1
Frederick Douglass Mug from shstoneware.com celebrating Black History Month!

Nor’easter Region Week 1 Previews (USA Northeast)
SEweet Tea Region Week 1 Previews (USA Southeast)
InFiMidation Region Week 1 Previews (FIRST in Michigan)
Mouth of the South Region Week 1 Previews (USA South)
We the North Region Week 1 Previews (USA North, Ontario, Quebec)
Best of the West Region Week 1 Previews (USA West, Alberta, British Columbia)

Mexico/LATAM show starts next week live
Israel will be recorded after ISR 1&2 and posted on YouTube.

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Starting in a few minutes! Come play some games and win prizes!

Check out our 2019 International Teams Preview https://youtu.be/YJDbPboF3vo

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