FUN: Roasts and Robots 5/14 8:30pm w/ Allen Gregory (WFA/3847), Cory Walters (2767), Stacey Lynn Gray (FRC195/FSM)


This Tuesday 8:30pm ET: Roasts and Robots: Community Round Table show with host Kristine Atiyeh and featuring guests:
Allen Gregory mentor from FRC3847 Spectrum and the 2019 Woodie Flowers Winner.
Cory Walters mentor from 2017-2018 World Champion FRC2767 Stryke Force
Stacey Lynn Gray mentor from FRC195 CyberKnights and FIRST Senior Mentor

Destination Deep Space Recap: Where did it land up in the game rankings? What was great and what could have been changed ?
What would you change if you were in charge of FRC/FIRST?
What made up team positions does your team have?
Possibly live game where the guests play for a live viewer to win a prize

Feel free to post your responses/questions right here in CD or live on the air!

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The Detroit CMP venue suffers from corndog deficiency.


We’re starting in a few minutes with this legendary line-up of guests! Oh and we might add on a Quiplash game at the end! Watch, chat and win prizes at