[FUN] Roasts and Robots with The Open Alliance - Build Season Update Tues 8:30pm ET

Join host Kristine as she talks with two members of The Open Alliance team 2826 and 6328 and breakdown their strategies, build progress so far and expectations to come during this season. Also reveal video dropping of the FIRST Capital Ri3D Robot!

Watch, chat and win some on air giveaways at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow


Update: FUN will be purchasing and giving away 3 of the Friends who Robot Australia stickers during the show to help support FRC Teams for Bushfire Relief.



Starting in a few minutes with Roasts and Robots talking about build season progress with FRC 2826 and FRC 6328. Come watch and get a chance to win a Friends who Robot Australia sticker to support relief for the fires in Australia. Also the reveal of the FIRST Capital Ri3D robot that the internet names Bop Ross

If you are with your team and get Twitch, throw us up in the background! Never know what great info you may hear.

Thank you to those who were able to watch live. We had an awesome turnout especially during build season! Big thanks to @EricLeifermann and @davepowers for taking their time to talk about the Open Alliance and their team’s progress.

Here are the segments from the show on YouTube.com/firstupdatesnow (apparently Dave smiles a lot for thumbnails)

Objective of the Open Alliance

How 2826 and 6328 are Approaching Infinite Recharge

Planning for the Rest of Build Season

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hahahah thanks for making sure I look good Tyler

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At least your computer didn’t randomly go to sleep 10 min into the show haha.

Was a good show. Thanks for having us on Tyler and Kristine! Will gladly come back on any time.

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