FUN Show Schedule 2/27-3/5. CS Mon, Recap Tues, GDL Sat & Sun

With content four days a week we are going to try creating a weekly thread for all of our shows.

Here’s our show schedule for 2/27-3/5
Monday: Candidly Speaking at 8:30pm Eastern. Topic: Steamworks challenges and solutions. Guest Pauline Tasci from FRC3476 Code Orange.

Tuesday: FUN Recap at 8:30pm Eastern. Previewing week 1 events and a deeper look into FRC125 Nutrons Robot. Guest FRC125 Nutrons

Saturday: GameDay Live! @ Hub City Regional 2:15pm Eastern

Sunday: GameDay Live! @ NE District Granite State 1:45pm Eastern (this may be moved to Tippecanoe depending on webcam feed)

(GameDay Live! may vary slightly depending on if the event is running on time.)

All shows can be found at or at

More about GameDay Live! Here

If you have discussion topics for any shows please post here or ask live! Hope to see you on!

I think this will be an interesting discussion. Pauline and I will be discussing some of the issues teams will be facing during the early weeks of competition. We’re hoping that this will be a good primer for the upcoming week 1 events.

Can we get a show dedicated to Karthik just talking about the MCU sometime?

I had a great time, thanks for having me!
Good luck teams :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone who tuned in for Candidly Speaking. It’s great to just let go sometimes and not worry about structure. Check it out for some great discussions from both Karthik and Pauline:

Tonight: FUN Recap. Week 1 Previews and an in-depth look into FRC125 Nutrons and their amazing robot: Event Horizon.

Don’t forget our weekly giveaway from Word Play All Day!

About to start hope you can join us.

Huge Thanks to Oliver and Kristine for coming on the show.

Oliver did an absolutely fantastic job providing us the inter-workings of 125’s robot. If you didn’t catch it live last night or want to re-live the glory check it out on YouTube: