Fun Stuff to do on the Internet

All right, so now that school is out for the summer in most places, we all have a lot more time to do stuff, which includes surfing the internet. So, I’m going to collect a collection (well obviously :rolleyes: ) of cool timewasters/fun stuff to do on the internet.

  1. Chiefdelphi (Just had to get that out of the way)
  2. Politopia
  3. Wheres George?
    Add more here, my mind is not working very well at the moment. :smiley: my favorite

For fun, look under the Google language options. Some of them aren’t exactly “languages”… For instance, Pig Latin, HaXor, etc. :smiley:

Heh. I’ve done a lot of those just for fun. It’s interesting to view Google in the eyes of a latino pig :smiley: not ment to offend people, ment to make fun of the pig latin “language”

For fun, look under the Google language options. Some of them aren’t exactly “languages”… For instance, Pig Latin, HaXor, etc.

What is Bork Bork Bork??? Ahh its the Sweedish Chef from the muppets. Wow someone really has a ton of time on their hands.

reading for funny things in the news… go there at your own risk

I read Penny Arcadereligiously.
If you’re a gamer, and like humor… they rock.

Again, go there at your own risk. Some of their humor isn’t for elementary school kids.



And Foamy, the squirrel, at Go there at your own risk, as well
Pretty much what it seems … addicting games …

Check out google for sure, especially in its directory for more programming tutorials and other ‘stuff’. has a whole lot of fun games to play. is the Japanese Nintendo site. Go there if you are a Nintendo fan and want an eye into the future of American Nintendo Games. (You don’t need to know Japanese to understand the site, trust me.)

I’m particularly fond of UZC: The Unofficial Zeo Comic. One of the folks at the Pokemon message board I frequent (and mod) does it with characters loosely based off of folks there. I’m a snake. (Rating: PG, PG-13 on a bad day. Not a UZC excepted.)

Then there’s my bro’s comic site, (Rating: G, sometimes PG for comic violence).

And then there’s my lowly site, (Rating: NC-17 for too much pent-up rage vented. Kidding…PG.) – if you haven’t seen it, you should! It’s absolutely hilarious. Not really a time-waster, as there’s only one episode a week, but it’s well worth a look, believe me. ---- see your how your brain works and there are some neat activites you can do to test your “brain power” ---- If you want to know where the international space station is, check out this site. — Want to be the first person to see Loch Ness monster? this site gives a live webcam shot of the Loch Ness lake from different views. — Watch top thrill dragster live with the webcam located in the park!

Create a nation, rule it. Fashion everything after your own political ideals. Be kind and benevolent to the people, or torture them. It’s all up to you.

I’v been farking for years now- funny site. But Do go at your own risk.

wow you guys, this is awesome… i’ll never have a bored summer day again. but try this…

it that doesn’t work then try:

it’s weebl and bob!!

Engineers Explained - ACCURATE little engineer jokes and such. Given to me by Ben Lauer from 1018.

A Christmas Story stuff - Unbeknownst to most, the movie A Christmas Story (starring the famous Ralphie) was based on Hammond, Indiana. I actually grew up in Jean Shepard’s (director of many other movies based on Hammond and Hammond High School, such as Hohmanville) old neighborhood. Flick’s Tap is only two blocks away, and Warren G. Harding Elementary stills stands, flagpole and all.

Rather Good - from the guy that brings us the crazy Quiznos commercials and the odd VH1 kittens, a few different miracles of photoshop and flash. Some adult-ish content.

Like, Totally the best popular 80’s lyrics - so good. sooooo goooooood.

I’m a pretty big fan of Sinfest, too. And Literati on Yahoo! games.

And based on the movie Dodgeball …

warning : very addicting …

Best spoof movie ever, :rolleyes: just released on JENGAJAMtoday!!
(a great site, but caution should be taken at times on content as well)

Star Wars get’s “Ice’d”!

By the way, if anyone took the politopia quiz, if you could tell me so I can make a giant map of where everyone is in the land of politopia. You know, just for the sake of curiousity. :smiley: