FUN Team Spotlight Interviews Tonight! - 179 Children of the Swamp, 5414 Pearadox, 8 Paly Robotics

Join us for an awesome lineup of team interviews from our Houston Championship Region Recap shows! Live at and archived at

7:30pm eastern: SEweet Tea with The Children of the Swamp
8:00pm eastern: Mouth of the South with Pearadox - FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5414
8:30pm eastern: Best of the West with Paly Robotics


We’re about to start with 179 Children of the Swamp! Join us at

Also giving away a 179 T-shirt during the SEweet Tea show!

Starting South spotlight with 5414 Pearadox! Check it out at

Up next is Best of the West with Team 8 Paly Robotics

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Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night to spotlight these amazing teams! Archives now available on YouTube:

179 Children of the Swamp Infinite Recharge Interview
5414 Pearadox Infinite Recharge Interview
8 Paly Robotics Infinite Recharge Interview

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