Fun times with CIM 14tooth Gears

My team was trying to figure out why the AMU14 gearboxes weren’t working and why they sounded strange… I think we found our answer.

did you guys forget to grease the gearboxes?

Does your camera have a “macro” setting?

What he said. It could also be due to them not being maintained.

I do believe that’s a rhetorical question. I’ve seen a few pictures like that, and the root cause was exactly that.

I am sure it does, since the background 5/8" away is fine. What it needs is a better Autofocus setting. :stuck_out_tongue:

We had the same problem, we forgot to grease our gearbox this year and well we played through an entire season but we started messing up during offseason. Make sure you grease those gearboxes!